Artificial intelligence sex dolls. In 2050, humans will have far more sex with robots than humans

Some experts believe that humans will have far more sex with robots by 2050.

Machine sex, often without any conditions, wholehearted service for you, people are highly addictive.

And that robot is an AI sex doll.

What is an AI sex doll?

Artificial intelligence sexdoll refers to an intelligent sex robot that can set its character according to its purpose. It will completely change people's understanding of realistic sexdoll. Through their own settings, to meet their needs for sexual partners, so as to meet their sexual needs.

By 2050, AI sex dolls could be widely available. At that time, more advanced intelligent sex dolls will be born to meet people's personalized needs for sex.


The history of the development of artificial intelligence sex dolls

The world's first AI-powered sex doll, or sexbot, was born in 2010. It can satisfy people's sexual needs like a sex doll, but also set up some functions such as email, vocabulary expansion and automatic upgrade, and can chat with people.

Even more incredible, customers can customize skin tones, hairstyles and body parts. The robots are called bbw sex dolls.

Nearly a few years after the first AI-powered sex doll sex robots were developed, the picture is far more comprehensive than we thought. In the future, AI sex dolls will be able to have their own emotions and intelligence by constantly imitating real people, experts have said. Ai sex dolls are always designed to enhance the sexual experience.

It can trigger a physical response to sex through the cerebral cortex, leading to orgasm and satisfaction.

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