Precautions for buying clothes for puppies?

It's cold, I plan to buy clothes for the puppy Sherry, but what do I need to pay attention to?

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  1. When it is cold, people often pay attention to adding clothes, and dogs also need it. Because of family breeding and other reasons, the dog's coldness is far less than that of other wild dogs (such as wolves), so it is necessary to wear a cold clothes for dogs when the weather is cold. The pet costumes on the market now are full of dazzling, and many people are basically based on the cute appearance when choosing pet clothes. But is it suitable for dogs?
    , in fact, because the dog's clothes are basically wearing it, the quality of the clothes itself is very important. Because most dogs basically have body hair. If the quality of the clothes is chemical fiber, it is prone to static electricity, and cotton clothes will feel more comfortable even if the dogs wear. In a problem that is the size of clothes, be sure to know how large your dog is in shape and waist circumference. If you are not suitable to buy it, it is a pity that you do n’t wear it for dogs. Comfortable, I feel distressed when I look at it. Also, the design of clothes is unreasonable. Everyone who raises pets knows the living habits of their dogs. Choose suitable pet costumes according to your dog's living habits. There are also some clothing that are specially prepared for special circumstances (such as rainy days). Finally, the most important. Because many dogs are very thick, if the clothes contain unhygienic raw materials, the dogs will be easily infected with parasites and skin diseases for too long. So dog's clothes must choose more well -known brands, so you can rest assured when you choose

  2. Pay attention to the distance between the front legs of the clothes is suitable for your baby, otherwise you will be awkward when you walk. Pay attention to whether the clothes are easy to clean
    Whether the hat is loose and avoiding the hat when you wear it on the baby's head to make the dog's neck have a sense of oppression
    and the bust long, the color, and the dog chain wearing a baby. Where is it ?~
    I just bought a brand for my baby, called Tian Chong, you can find it, you can find it beautiful

  3. The first step is to measure the body. Everyone knows that human beings must measure the measurement before making clothes. In fact, pets are like humans. From the perspective of pets, their measurements should include: neck, bust and length.

    Now, we will explain part of it:

    First of all: neck circumference, the so -called neck circumference, which refers to the length of your baby's neck. The length of the position of the neck ring is the place where the neckline is located. The neckline should not be too fat, and it should not be too narrow. Generally, it can be released for one centimeter!

    It bust: Where is the bust of pets? Specifically, it refers to the widest part of their front leg roots. Usually, it is also the most fatter place for pets. Because of this place, the accuracy of the measurement is very accurate It is difficult to grasp. Generally, at least two to three centimeters are released.

    In the length of the body. The length of the body referred to here is not their entire body length, but the length from the back of their neck (back neck stem) to the tail roots. Pay attention to measuring the length of the body length At this time, you must let your pet stand straight, the body is fully expanded, do not lie on or lie, if this will be greatly reduced to the accuracy of the measurement scale.

    The above three parts are the most basic measurement site for making pet clothing. If you need to make more delicate clothing, it is best to measure the length of their legs, the distance between the front legs, and the length of the lower body ( The male dog can be slightly shorter, the bitch is slightly longer), etc. Some special dogs also need specific parts to measure specific parts, for example: some dogs have formed a spleen and alcohol belly due to excess nutrition, so in the process of its clothing production process The size of the circle should be released. These are best measured by professional pet clothing producers for your own baby, so that the accuracy of measurement can be greatly improved.

    It after all measurement, you can start making, or you can hand it over to professional pet fashion design and producers, and they will design a beautiful and fitted clothing for your baby Essence

  4. Each dog is suitable for different, mainly the difference between fabric design and size. The size should be selected in size. A one named Joycelele on T/B is recommended by my friend. I think it is not bad to buy a few pieces, and this one is not the style of the bad street. Recommend LZ to see it.

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