Performance and characteristics of frame type automatic electric saw paper cutter

The frame-type automatic electric saw paper cutter is suitable for various super-large roll materials such as: coated paper, carbonless paper, cigarette pack paper, kraft paper, cellophane, kraft cardboard, offset paper, white paper, coated paper Such as coil cutting, trimming and other operations.

High-precision servo control electric saw paper cutter adopts servo motor (or stepping motor) to control fixed-length cutting. The transmission system adopts centralized control such as pneumatic and photoelectric sensors. The machine integrates light, electricity and gas, and has the advantages of simple operation, high cutting precision, mechanical stability and low noise. (Pneumatic feeding is optional) Motor frequency conversion speed regulation, automatic counting, alarm shutdown, magnetic powder or friction plate to manually adjust the tension.

The locking device of the kraft paper electric saw paper cutter has a fast knife-resting device, which can lock the upper knife shaft to avoid the quality problems of cutting caused by the separation or movement of the upper and lower knives.

The electric saw paper cutter is suitable for cutting and trimming paper tubes, films, paper-plastic composite materials, etc. The pneumatic surface single-axis winding method is adopted, so that the product can be wound more neatly and without edge running. The main engine adopts frequency converter speed regulation, microcomputer control, automatic meter recording, automatic length setting, alarm stop, tension digital display and other functions.

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