5 thoughts on “Where can Luzhou sell hamsters?”

  1. Next to Jiangyang West Road Primary School, there are two stations near the primary school (not construction roads, not police academy, nor is it Eaton Hotel). That is: If you come out of West Road Primary School and walk to the right, you will go to the street to go right, and there will be a point that is called a favorite family or a home, then there are hamsters to sell, and dogs. Rabbit, turtles, Dutch pigs, etc., the varieties of hamsters are cedar, the front line and the original ecological front line, there seems to be three lines, and golden bears, there are other golden fox and silver foxes. There are still many hamster supplies. In the morning, the aunt did not open the door. It was going to buy in the afternoon and evening. One of them there is very lively, and it will turn over after you will buy him. If you want to buy him, you have to buy a larger cage. One of the golden bears one with one eye is red! One is like 25 yuan.

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