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  1. wholesale for fashion jewelry In our ordinary daily life, everyone will inevitably come into contact with the composition. With the help of composition, we can vent the emotions in our hearts and regulate our mood. I believe that many friends are very distressed by writing. Here are about 500 words of my neighbor composition compiled by everyone. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.
    This of my neighbor's composition is about 500 words. 1 You and I are neighbors. You can be tangible or intangible. Neighbors, unavoidable, but options. When I was three years old, I knew it as its neighbor. It accompanied me to grow up. I like it because it let me learn a lot of things, and it allows me to learn how polite people to communicate with others.
    I hugged it when I was three years old. I had an indescribable fate about it. When I saw it, I made me feel comfortable. It was my neighbor "book". When I was three years old, I couldn't read the text. I only looked at the pictures. In fact, these pictures were "comic books". There are many fantasy pictures in it, which makes me look very happy! When I was six years old, I was accompanied by it every day, and I started to understand the text. In fact, these words are "language documents". It follows me to go to school every day. I am a good neighbor. Ask it, I change new clothes with it every semester. Its clothes are carefully selected by me. It allows to learn how to use it to learn. It makes me very happy every day! When I was eight years old, I had another book. It asked me to learn more languages. It was "English". English is an internationally common language. I can use it to communicate with others. A good book, it allows me not only to swim in the ocean of the text, but also let me fly in the English sky, let me thrive one day and day! At the age of twelve, it made me understand one more layer of "mathematics" and made me like mathematics more and more. It made me run freely in the number of digital land. It made me run faster and faster. I am thirteen years old this year, and I am in the first grade. There are four more neighbors at once. It allows me to learn "geography", "biology", "history", "politics". I still like it. I never never. It is dirty. I will cherish it and love it.
    Now I taught me all in life and writing. I will always "use it as a neighbor." I helped each other with it, it helped me learn knowledge, and I helped it to carry forward it in this life. "Book" is a neighbor of millions of people, and it will always be with you!
    This of my neighbor's composition is about 500 words on my house. There are two neighbors, one in the first grade of elementary school, and one is only three years old. They are very simple.
    Every afternoon, they will go to my house to ask me to play. This afternoon, she didn't expect it. They appeared in front of my house early and asked me to go to Binjiang Park together, and I agreed quickly.
    The weather is fine today, birds are fragrant! However, here, I want to thank the big red envelopes for the mosquito brothers. Spring sleep does not know, and mosquito bite everywhere. My thin skin and tender meat can bite a lot of mosquitoes. If it weren't for 100,000, I would not use the ancestor anti -mosquito water carried by my neighbor's house. Dear mosquito brothers, it is not that I do n’t accept your kindness, because you ca n’t afford your kindness!
    Walking around, the first -year sister asked me: Sister Na, do you have a younger brother and sister? no. Are you an orphan? Of course not. At this time, the aunt who came with us said: You can't just say that others are orphans, orphans have no parents or discarded by parents. Oh! My sister asked again, Sister Na, would you discard them if you gave birth to a child in the future?
    Mhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, right? Besides, I haven't been a mother yet! Don't think so far, do you want to be a mother? Will you discard your child after you are your mother? I think: the children are so simple now? You can ask this question!
    If I become a mother, I will discard my child. My sister said seriously.
    my God! My eyes stared loudly, and my mouth was wide, so I could plug the next oversized ostrich egg. Is this popular now? Now the motherly love is too great! I think.
    The children are very simple, but their casual questions may cause your thoughts.
    This of my neighbor's composition is about 500 words. My neighbor sister is Fifi. I usually call her Fili. Although I called her sister, she was only one week older than me. She is now in the fifth grade.
    Remember that we just moved over, and when I met her in the elevator, I felt very kind. Remember to meet my sister's house for the first time. We have no sense of sparseness like old friends. Learn, talk about classmates, and talk about us as a friend who said nothing.
    It Sister Fei is a crystal color mud, and her home can be multi -crystal -colored mud. Her gameplay is different from me. She pulls the crystal color mud into a translucent shape, then folds it up, around the circle, and then forcefully forceful As soon as you pinch, a crackling sound will be made. In the words of Sister Fei, the thief is cool, the bus's board. She said it was a good thing to relieve stress. Sister Fei told me that these colored mud was made by herself. I used to know that crystal color mud can be bought. I do n’t know if I can do it by myself. Sister Fei said that I can teach me for free, and I almost jumped up happily. She first asked me to bring a large basin, and then let me squeeze some semi -liquid and semi -solid things inside, and then she took out the watercolor pigment to make me color, and the color was adjusted. But this group of things is about to form. I ca n’t stir up. Sister Fei came to help me. The two of us worked together to mix it for milk, so that the crystal colored mud is ready. Looking at the results you made, it feels good to have a sense of accomplishment. Sister Fei joked that your apprentice is not bad. It will be successful for the first time. You have to call my master in the future.
    It Sister Philippines will not only play, but also learn well. She is consciously studying every day. Her mother said that she only needs to sign a word for Sister Fei's homework. I don't need to worry about it. I have to learn more from her. There is such a neighbor sister, such a master, such a good friend, I really have a good luck.
    This of my neighbor's composition is about 500 words. 4. She can be said to be my closest neighbor, or it can be said to be my nanny. She is a very enthusiastic, clever and savvy person, so when my mother was three or four years old, she gave me rest assured to the nanny to take care of, and after get off work, I came to pick me up. Since then, I have cultivated good feelings with the nanny as another "grandma".
    The happiest thing every day is to go to the nanny family for a long time. Every day grandma is fixed to buy chicken cakes in a cake shop to satisfy my greedy mouth, and will collect some ingredients by the way to prepare a meal with all the color and fragrance. Therefore, the market has become a place I must get every day. In my impression, every summer, grandma will return to the countryside to collect bamboo shoots, make a sour and crispy bamboo shoot soup, which made me drink praise and drank several bowls in a row before leaving. Essence
    The grandma has many sons and daughters. They often play with me, take me to many fun places, and treat me as their daughter -like love. At grandma's house, I am like a lively "happy fruit". My cute movements often make them laugh, how prestigious it is!
    When I was five years old, when I was going to the kindergarten, I left life in my grandma's house. It is difficult for me to adapt to the life of kindergarten, because I do n’t do whatever I want to do whatever I want, and I do n’t have to eat food that I do n’t want to eat ... Gradually I realize my tolerance for me.
    Now I have grown up, and I can no longer rely on so much care of others. Recently, when I went to my grandma's house, she found that her grandmother's hair was pale, but her lively and enthusiastic spirit still did not change at all. Let go of the busy things in my hand, and concentrate on listening to the interesting things in my life. From the expression of my grandmother, I know that in fact, my grandmother still misses me, and I also hope that I will go to see her. From now on, I want to be filial to grandma and repay my grandmother's raising for me.
    This of my neighbor's composition is about 500 words. My neighbors are a grandfather and an old grandma.
    The old grandpa's legs and feet are inconvenient. The old grandmother's eyes are a little unknown. The scene I can often see is the old grandmother pushing the old grandfather sitting in a wheelchair, under the command of the old grandfather, and the two were scattered in the park's park together.
    is a very warm scene, which makes people feel that the years are excellent. The love between Grandpa and Grandma is famous in our community, and many people are envious of their feelings. My parents are also envious of the relationship between them for decades, and because our two are neighbors. Often, my mother will do something delicious at home, and I will ask me to give me the grandparents of my neighbor's house. Send some.
    although grandparents are older, they are still very unreasonable. When Grandpa was okay, he liked to engrave some gadgets with wood. When I was young, Grandpa gave me a lot of toys. So far, my rooms are still placed, and the writing is a trace of time flowing, and it is also the epitome of every memory.
    The relationship with my neighbor's house is also very good. From the weekend, I will push my grandfather to walk outside, and my mother, I also like to learn kitchen for grandma, don't look at grandma's eyes, but the cooking skills Can it be. As long as the grandma is guided, the mother's cooking skills can improve a lot.
    Due to the two very good relationships, I can see each other because of opening the door, so I often have an illusion, as if my neighbor grandparents are my grandparents. Many times, they also love me as their grandson. I like my neighbor grandparents.
    Sometimes some small festivals, or who's birthday, both of us will sit together and eat together. Because of the closeness of our two, some relatives and friends of the two of us are also familiar with this, and the relationship is excellent.
    Now, my neighbor grandparents are also healthy, and I will go to their house as soon as I have time to talk to them for a while.
    This of my neighbor's composition about 500 words in my childhood memories, I have experienced several movements. Among them, the longest place to live is a distance of tens of meters away from their house.
    I name his third brother. At the age of 50, he was tall and thin. He wore wide clothes, his hair was like nails, his roots were straight, his eyes were deep and god, and he had a short beard under the jaw. Once, my parents asked me to go downstairs to buy oil and salt, and when I went out, I told me again: "Remember, the" old three "to buy a bag of salt there when I arrived there." Now I remembered that the parents were negligent at the time. Because according to seniority, I can't care about him called "the third child". At that time, I was still young and I didn't understand anything. Just like the newborn calf, I ran to the small shop opened by the third brother in a few steps, and shouted in the glass cabinet that was higher than me, "The third child! Buy a bag of salt! "
    Later, as the two contacts became more and more, I also knew that they couldn't be stupid to follow the adults. As a result, the "Third" gradually changed to the "Third Brother".
    He is a very interesting person. At the beginning, I called him "the third child", not only did he not think of it. Moreover, I often look straight in front of his glass cabinet with various "Zhenzhe Haizhen". After he finished the sugar, when he saw it, he would secretly plug the biscuits into my palm, but never collect money.
    . After buying things, he grabbed me and stretched out money to his hand, and he felt like he was stuck on the nail plate. So, after that, I learned about it. When I repaid the money, I always put the money on the table quickly, and then pulled away my hands. And he always smiled.
    In many years, we moved home again. Last time he came to the house as a guest, and saw him again, it was obviously older.
    This of my neighbor's composition around 500 words and 7 mentioned my little neighbor clearly, knowing that his people will shake their heads because he is a famous "naughty king". His head was round, his eyes were small, and his nose was always dark. The straps of a pair of plastic sandals on his feet were almost broken by his fat feet. As soon as he got out of school, he went out of the West family, and he was not afraid of life at all. He also loved to jump up to stabilize his doorbell, saying that he listened to electronic music. I really doubt that he has polymotidiated children.
    In summer in the afternoon of the summer vacation, the sky is gloomy, and it is extremely hot. Seeing it is going to rain. Suddenly, sweaty and panting came out. As soon as I entered the door, I shouted: "Sister Ling, give me a bamboo pole." I glanced at him and said coldly, "Be naughty and troubled again!" Don't make trouble, it is business. "" Capital? I see what new tricks you are in. Hum! I won't give you. "Obviously seeing that I was indifferent, I ran to the balcony with I%hand i%foot, took it and took it. A short bamboo pole hid behind him and slipped out lightly. His every move was swept into my eyes for a long time. I followed the chase like the detective in the movie, seeing what was going to break.
    Stime rushing down the stairs, walking into Aunt Zhang's yard, stretching out the bamboo pole, and hooking the clothes that were hanging down. The hanger hanging on the rope was hard to hook. I saw that he looked up at his face, held his feet, raised his hands high, breathed his feet, flushed his face, and threw his best upwards. Ah, he finally hooked. At this moment, he sideways and almost fell. Aunt Zhang rushed forward, hugged him, and hurriedly helped put the clothes.
    At this moment, I looked at the sweaty face. Although this face was still dark, I suddenly became cute ...
    This of my neighbor's composition 500 words 8 words 8 In my childhood memories of life, I experienced several times to move my new home. Among them, the longest areas have been separated from their home but dozens of meters.
    I name is his third brother. He was around 50 years old, tall and thin, wearing spacious clothes and pants, his hair was like a steel nail, with straight roots, deep eyes and aura, and his jaw was still having a short beard. Once, my parents shouted and shouted down the stairs to buy salt oil, and I told me again when I went out: "Remember, come to the" old three "to buy a bag of salt to go home there." Now I think of my father, in fact, my father is actually my father. Mom was careless at that time. Because of my generation, I can't care about it called "the third child". At that time, I was still young and I didn't understand anything. Just like the newborn calf, I ran to the small shop opened by the third brother in two steps. I shouted in the glass cabinet that was higher than my glass cabinet, and shouted: "The third child! After buying a bag of salt! "
    , there are more and more touches between the two families, because I know that I can't follow the big family to call him stupidly. Therefore, the "third old" gradually changed to the "third brother".
    He is a very good person. At the beginning, I called him "the third child". In addition, I often look straight in front of his various "food" glass display cabinets hidden in front of a variety of "dishes". When he finished the sugar, he saw what he saw, and he would quietly stuff the cookie biscuits towards my palm, but never received the money.
    has also had once. After buying items, he grasped me holding money and stretching to his hand, and bearded on his jaw. It felt like it was like it was stuck on the nail board. Therefore, I taught it in the future. When I repaid the repayment, I kept putting the money on the table quickly, and then pulled up with both hands. And he always smiled.
    many years later, everyone moved home again. Before he came to visit at home and saw him again, it was significantly aging.
    This of my neighbor's composition is about 500 words. 9 See a sketch on TV. contradiction. After a disaster, both sides knew that "distant relatives are not as good as close neighbors" should help each other and respect each other, rather than conflicting each other, and not the atmosphere of gunpowder!
    After watching this sketch, I think he is very right, and there are many stories between neighbors in our lives.
    has one house, one is on the 3rd floor, and the other is on the 4th floor. They are very united and often have contradictions. The main because both of them are too selfish and refuse to think about others. One time on the 4th floor smoking threw the immortal cigarette butt, the cigarette butt burned the quilt on the 3rd floor on the outside. The fire caused the fire. As a result, the two often held lawsuits, formed resentment, and became two enemies with deep hatred!
    The harmony between neighbors must not be missing. As the saying goes: "Good neighborhood, Sai Jinbao." The neighbors and united between the neighbors can help each other. In case of what happened, some neighbors can help each other through the difficulties. If you do n’t let me, I do n’t let me let me do You will cause a lot of losses!
    The is the same for our family. One thief "patronized" our family. Fortunately, there were aunt on the opposite side to report the case to avoid losses!
    Ite getting along with your neighborhood, please remember my famous saying: Only if you respect others, others will respect you. You take a step back. In this way, the space between you will be very large. Upstairs and downstairs unite and live in harmony, this is called "neighborhood family"!
    This of my neighbor's composition is about 500 words. She is named Zhang Wen. She is my neighbor and my good friend.
    The curly hair, round face, large watery eyes, tall nose bridge, cherry mouth, which forms a lively and lovely, very caring girl -Zhang Wen.
    one time, she and I played downstairs. When we were playing hard, a stray puppy ran over and looked at us with poor eyes, as if he was saying, " Can you give me some food? I'm so hungry! "It was so pitiful, but I didn't eat it ... while I was thinking, Zhang Wen had pulled out a ham sausage from his clothes pocket to the small Dogs, I can't help but hold the puppy. "It's so pitiful!" Zhang Wen sighed. "Yeah!" I also followed the peace. "But the two of us live upstairs, we can't raise dogs!" Then, I touched the dirty hair of the puppy again. "Yes!" Zhang Wensi said for a while; "One of my uncle likes to raise dogs very much, I hold it home, maybe my uncle will adopt it!" "It's really good!" Zhang Wen also laughed.
    Another time, Zhang Wen and I chatted with fresh air under the floor. At this time, I suggested that "let's go to the empty place in front to see the pigeons!" "Okay, okay, let's go!" Zhang Wen pulled me and ran. "It turned out to be in the cage!" When I walked to the place, Zhang Wen was extremely disappointed. I know that Zhang Wen doesn't like someone to put the birds in the cage. "Oh!" I said, "Let's release the pigeons!" Zhang Wen thought about it, and said, "But others don't let it go, what if someone is found?" I said a little worried. "Well, no way, poor pigeon! Well, let's go!"
    This is Zhang Wen who has love.
    This of my neighbor's composition is about 500 words. 11 Today, the teacher asked us to write a letter to my neighbor. I immediately thought that I could describe Aber who sells ginger ducks downstairs in our house.
    Aber on dear ginger mother duck:
    Do you know who my neighbors are the best neighbors? The older brother next to it? It's you.
    Yur must be curious why my good neighbor is not the elder brother who lives next to it? Grandma and uncle and aunt, but you! That's because we say hello to us every time we go downstairs, it makes us feel very warm. When we go to your store to eat, you also warmly entertain us and bring out the rich dishes that make us covet three feet. Even if we do n’t go to your shop this time, you still say hello to us with a smile When we are full of meals outside, you still talk to us and sometimes give us a large package of candy. When we return home, your heart has forgotten what we have not eaten in the store today. Instead, I feel that we not only go to your shop today, but also order a lot of dishes to make you make a lot of money, so you are my good neighbor.
    You is similar to the ordinary ginger mother duck boss, but you smile all day, and you are very enthusiastic. Whenever you are full of other cars downstairs, you will come to help. , To the west, a seat of "Extraordinary" made the mother's car stop. I really don't know how to thank you. Another time, my mother is going home, maybe we are too heavy, maybe the mother did not step on, and the whole car fell down, but you support the car in a hurry, so dangerous! You should also thank you, but you do n’t ask for any return, ah! You are really a good person!
    The we have avoided many disasters because of your assistance, and because of your help to avoid a lot The necessary dangers really do n’t know how to thank you. You are like the benefactor of our family, silently helping us, we really thank you very much, thank you for your help.
    This of my neighbor's composition around 500 words 12 I just moved to the new home. I almost didn't know the people around me, but my little neighbor made me never forget.
    This neighbors must be encountered every morning. He always holds a broom and sweeps the stairs very carefully. He was short, and a pair of black black hair seemed to be talking. There was a pair of cute little dimples on the round face.
    When I didn't know him, I thought he was a poor child and a small cleaners who swept the stairs. To this end, there were still some small conflicts between us. I remember one time, my alarm clock was broken, and the time was 30 minutes slower. In order not to delay today's table tennis game, I hurriedly washed and rushed downstairs with the bread. Unexpectedly, I met the neighbor sweeping the stairs again, and accidentally kicked his sweeping garbage. The little neighbor said, "Brother, be careful next time!" I didn't blame him to block my way, but he blame me first. So I said angrily, "Aren't you just sweeping the stairs? There is something great, dare to say that I am not." He didn't say anything, and lowered his head and then swept up the stairs.
    This after the game, I dragged my fatigue and returned home, but unexpectedly found that my little neighbor and his mother sat on the sofa to watch TV. My mother saw me back and introduced them with a smile. At this time, I really met my little neighbor. It turned out that his name was Kaikai. His father was the secretary of the provincial party committee, his mother was the chief, and he was a first -year student. His mother stroked my head with a smile and said to me, "Xiaohui, you don't understand what Kai Kai doesn't understand in the future, will you teach him, okay?" After listening, I was ashamed, my face was green, my face was green, my face was green, my face was green, and my face was green. One piece, purple. But my little neighbor seemed to forget what happened in the morning. He took my hand intimately and asked about it.
    After this incident, I seemed to have grown up a lot at once, and I found that I did not have many flashing things on Kaikai. I finally understand the truth of being a man. Now, not only does I no longer laugh at my little neighbor, I also sweep the stairs with him!
    This of my neighbor's composition is about 500 words. I like a blue sky like the sea; I like a poetic scenery like the moon; I like a warm spring breeze like my mother; but I prefer to be as bright as the sun. Sister -Duan Xiaorong.
    . Sister Rong is my neighbor, seven or eight years older than me. In my heart, she is a special existence of my sister. I am very attached to her and trust her.
    I admire her kindness. In the village, Sister Rong was famous. As long as she sees any difficulties, she will always rush ahead.
    This in the village often come to ask for money for meals. When other people saw the unkery, tattered, dirty beggars, she was afraid that they could not avoid it, and they closed the door early. But Sister Sister greeted enthusiastically, invited the beggar home, asked him to sit down, and gave him a few old clothes for the beggar when he left. Sometimes he even took out himself, okay? The few pocket money is easy to accumulate beggars.
    . Her kindness made many people ashamed and moved many people. Gifts of roses, hand left lingering fragrance. Sister Rong, you are the breeze in summer, you are the warm sun in winter!
    I admire her filial piety. When Sister Rong was three years old, her parents divorced, leaving her and grandma to depend on each other. When she was a child, her family was poor, her grandmother had to plant land, and she had to cook the whole family. She couldn't be busy. When she came, she scolded her to beat her. She was often crying at the gate. Later, she went out to work, found an object, became a home, and lived a good life, but seemed to not remember her grandma at all. She often came back to look at her grandma, with a lot of things with big bags, and sometimes took her grandma for a while.
    er words she often said is: "If there is no grandma's feeding when he was a kid, there would be no my present." What a simple person this is!
    . Sister Rong is a little man, and she is just a member of the 100 billion Chinese people. But she is kind, she is filial, and she reflects the excellent traditional virtues of our Chinese nation. She is a high standard of being a person, she is a model of acting, and I am the one I admire the most!
    This of my neighbor's composition is about 500 words. 14 Today is Sunday. I got into the room to play the game machine after finishing my homework. Suddenly, I saw Grandma Li cooking in "busy" from the window. At this time, I Thinking of the children of Grandma Li, the children of the neighbor, all went to work in the field. It was the remaining one to be a "lonely old man". The family helps her to do housework.
    It just came to the door of Grandma Li's house to hold the doorbell. Grandma Li's trembling figure and her kind smile appeared in front of her eyes. Sit in it! "I said," Grandma Li, I don't have to be so polite. This time I want to help you do housework. "After listening, Grandma Li laughed and" seeing his teeth without eyes "," Xiaofeng, these housework, let me do it! "" No! " Just give me a chance to learn? ""Well. Seeing you so good, just okay. "I washed Grandma Li's clothes first, and then dried it on the balcony; then went to cook for Grandma Li;
    then wiped the floor with a rag. Broken, Grandma Li saw my hard look, and asked me, "How? Is it tired? "No, I'm not tired. "At this time, Grandma Li's face suddenly changed:" Hey. If my children are so good as you! "I quickly comforted her:" Grandma Li, don't worry, I believe your children will always come back to gather with you. "Look at it like this, yes, thank you for helping me do so many housework! "Don't thank you, respecting the elderly is our China. "Before talking, Grandma Li inserted his mouth:" The traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, right? "After speaking, I laughed and left.
    It I think it is a happy thing to help others, because making others happy is true happiness!
    This of my neighbor's composition 500 words Speaking of my neighbors on the left and right 15, it has a very different personality and its own characteristics, which are impressive. Next, I will introduce it to everyone!
    The well -deserved Xueba, she has a dark hair, a pair of charming big eyes, a standard eyebrow, and a small nose and a cherry mouth. She likes to read a book. Remember to visit her house once The scene in front of me was stunned: their sofas, coffee tables, dining tables, and bedside tables were everywhere. Her mother told me that she entered the study in the morning and did not climb from Shushan at noon.
    in my The south is also a girl, and her classmates all kindly call her "Everything. "She can be described as an astronomical, knowing geography. Her eyes are highly myopia to 550 degrees, and a pair of black -frame glasses look particularly careful. She is a expert in wearing glasses. The words are not clear. She takes off her glasses like a lamb in the night, but she will restore the original shape immediately.
    is the star chaser on the left. Birthdays, hobbies, constellations, blood types ... backside. Once in the dormitory, the roommates have entered a state of sleep, and she is still talking about dreaming: "April 20, happy birthday!"
    Fans. As soon as the get out of class bell rang, he sang: "My enthusiasm seems to be a fire, burning the entire desert ..." The students laughed for a while. He can sing.
    The left and right neighbors are like my left arm and right arm. There is a lack of one. The front and back are like two stars: "Antarctic Star and Arctic Star. "I will get along friendly with them in the future.

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