4 thoughts on “How big is the diamond ring?”

  1. The diamond ring is more common from 30 points (0.3 carats) to 1 carat. Of course, it is heavier such as 2 carats, 5 carats, and 10 carat diamonds. Generally, the larger the diamond ring, the more expensive the price.
    The diamond ring is generally no fixed value, and it should be judged according to the purpose. In life, many people will buy a beautiful diamond ring to decorate themselves, so that the requirements for weight will not be too high, as long as they like it. There are also many college students or young people who just work as soon as they want to buy diamond rings. Due to economic conditions, they generally buy relatively small and exquisite styles, which weigh at about or so. The diamond ring is widely used to count the wedding ring, because the wedding is only one major event in a lifetime, and many people will choose a relatively large carat diamond.
    The normal diamond ring is below one carat, or even less than fifty, and in the diamond ring below 50 points, most of them are selected for 30 to 40 points, as small as about 20 % of the choice. Thirty -forty -forty -level diamond rings are more in line with the public's consumption, which is why they are most liked by most of them.
    has a lot of more carats, and many people also choose Dakla's diamond ring, such as Sankla, Wula, Nine carats, Ten carats, etc. These size diamond rings can be called pigeon egg diamond ring. These sizes of diamond ring are the dreams of many people, and such dreams are difficult to achieve, because the price is too expensive, nearly one million, millions, tens of millions of prices more like the sky pavilions.

  2. In fact, there is no standard saying how big the diamond ring must be bought. If you have a lot of budgets, it is okay to buy a larger diamond ring. If the budget is limited, it is also possible to get 30 to 50 points. I bought the diamond ring brand at Darry Ring. I feel very satisfied, you can understand it. This ring can be customized only by a man with an ID card. He only gives one person in his life, which means that the only true love in his life. I do n’t find a quantity to buy a diamond ring, but you must choose one of the most classic one for you. This is my understanding.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenTo answer the same price, it is also recommended that you buy a diamond ring with a larger diamond. There is no need to abandon your big diamond ring for big brands. Imagine that we bring the diamond ring out. The focus of others is how big your diamond ring is, not a brand, so the diamond ring customization can better help us solve this problem. When you choose a diamond ring customizer, you should also pay attention to screening. 1. The price list sent out is the price gauge of the diamond, not the overall diamond ring; 2. Because of the hotness of the diamond ring, many small studios and the company join, resulting in the uneven industry. When choosing a merchant, choose a merchant with a physical store; 3. Ask the merchant if you can provide two certificates of GIA and NGTC before buying, especially GIA. Essence The following is our price, you can also refer to it.nThe above is all my answers. I hope that if you can help you conveniently, you can trouble you to like me, thank you, I wish you a happy life! (∗ ั ∀❛ ั ❛ ∗) ✧*.nMore 2nBleak

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