2 thoughts on “Where is the concentrated point of Nanjing Gold Jewelry Store? Or is there a lot in jewelry stores in large shopping malls?”

  1. If you buy gold jewelry:
    1, shopping malls, there are a lot of stores at Xinjiekou. You can choose to go to the central mall, Ocean Department Store, and Nanjing Xinbai.
    2, specialty store: There are many stores that specialize in jewelry at Xinjiekou, such as Chow Tai Fook Gold Jewelry, Chow Shengsheng Jewelry, Baoqing Silver Tower. These places have specialty stores in Xinjiekou. The quality of the things is guaranteed.
    It, you can go to the vicinity of Pearl River Road, there are also a lot of gold jewelry stores over there. As long as you buy gold jewelry in relatively prosperous areas, it is easier to buy gold jewelry. Degree, just buy it!
    It hope to help you, if you want the specific address, please add instructions!

  2. There are many streets on Zhongshan South Road, but the jewelry is still a brand. After all, buying a guarantee is not a brand. It is best to find a trustworthy brand to buy a more assured craft. kind

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