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  1. 2009 China Gold Jewelry First 11 Brand

    1. Lao Fengxiang Gold Jewelry
    2. Chow Tai Fook Gold Jewelry
    3. R n 5. Bai Tai Gold Jewelry
    6. Longjin gold jewelry
    7. Vegetable Baijin Jewelry
    . Old temple gold jewelry
    9. Edkang gold jewelry
    10. Ming brand gold jewelry
    11. Golden Phoenix gold jewelry

    Zhou Shengsheng Zhejiang jewelry, etc.

    n 1. Look at the mark: The gold jewelry sold in the international or domestic stores generally has a gold -containing mark, such as: 24K, 18K, 14K, or 999 (that is, 99.9%gold, equivalent to 24K), 750, 750, 750, 750, 750, 750, 750, 750, 750, 750, 750, 750, 750, 750, 750, 750, 750, 583, etc., with such marks, generally, it is true.

    . Weight: True gold should feel heavy in your hand, and fake gold feels light. Because of the density of gold, it is larger than silver, copper, lead, iron and other metals. It's about double to half.

    3. Listen to the sound: throw gold on the hard ground, listen to the sound when landing, the sound of real gold is low, thick and heavy, generally a loud noise, and there is no sound of the sound. Sound, fake gold's voice is crispy but no dullness, generally the sound of the dwelling, and there is a loud sound. Besides, the jump of the real gold is not more than three times, it is not as good as fake gold.

    4. Test hardness: If it is real gold, it should feel soft when using handicrafts, and fake gold feels hard.

    5. Burning with fire: Put the jewelry in the fire to barbecue, after the jewelry is reddish and cooled, the pure gold jewelry is still new, and the K gold jewelry is on the surface of the smoke gray oxidation The layer, the lower the color, the darker, and after the gold -plated jewelry is burned by the fire, the coating will disappear, and the material is revealed.

    6. Test goldstone: Select a black test gold stone with delicate texture, use the tasting of the gold content (known) test gold to draw traces on the test stone The scratches on the goldstone, drip the concentration of nitric acid to remove the debris (other metals other than gold), compare with the traces of the samples and draws the same color, that is, the accurate gold content of the required jewelry.

    7. Testing:

    A. The gravity method: This method uses an analytical balance as a measurement instrument, according to the different weights of the jewelry in the air neutral and pure water, the different weight of the air, the different weight of the air, and the pure water in the air, Calculate the proportion and color of Akimid's law, and the weight = weight in the air ÷ (the weight in the air minus the weight in the pure water).

    B, X -ray fluorescent spectrum method; this method is an X -ray to illuminate the jewelry transmitted by the precision instrument (X -ray fluorescent spectrum) controlled by a computer (X -ray fluorescent spectrum), and then the computer is based on the recorded X -ray Calculate the color and impurities of gold jewelry and the content of impurities.

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  2. Differential gold requires some experience. Simply introduce some identification methods. But it is best to go to the gold shop!

    (1) See color: the higher the purity of the gold jewelry, the deeper the color. If there is no gold medal, you can determine the general color according to the following color (based on green gold. The so-called green gold contains only silver ingredients in gold); dark red yellow color is more than 95 %, light red yellow 90-95 % The pale yellow is 80-85 %, the cyan is 65-70 %, and the white light is only 50--60 % white light. The slightly yellow and white are less than 50 %. Generally, Qiqing, Eight Huang, and Jiu Chi can be used as a reference. (2) Type weight: The proportion of gold is 19.32, which is more important than metal such as silver, copper, lead, zinc, aluminum. The volume of gold is more than 40 % heavier than the silver, 1.2 times heavier than copper, and 6.1 times heavier than aluminum. The gold jewelry should have a feeling of sinking in the hand, and the fake gold jewelry feels lightly. This method is not suitable for gold jewelry inlaid.

    (3) Look at the hardness: pure gold is soft and low. It can draw light marks with nails. Teeth bite can leave tooth prints. High -colored gold jewelry is low and soft, with copper with copper, contains copper containing copper, contains copper containing copper The harder, the harder, the bending method can also test the hardness, the pure gold is soft, it is easy to bend, the lower the purity, the less likely to bend.

    (4) Listening to the sound: Real gold with a color of more than 99 % throwing it on the hard ground, it will make a tap sound, there is no rhyme or elasticity. The fake or low golden sound is crispy but no dullness. Generally, the sound of "Dangdang" is emitted, and there are surplus sounds.

    (5) Burning with fire: The jewelry will be burned red (do not melt the jewelry) with fire (do not melt the jewelry), and observe the color change after cooling. Dark or different degrees of darkness is not pure gold. Generally, the lower the color, the stronger the color, and the darkens are all, indicating that it is a fake gold jewelry.

    (6) Seeing the mark: Domestic gold jewelry is allicized and prepared according to international standards, and the killing records, such as "24K" indicate "foot red" or "foot gold"; The word "18K" is marked, and those who have a lower color are lower than LOK. At present, illegal elements are commonly used to manufacture fake cards and imitation stamps in the society. They use rare gold, Asian gold, and even brass to impersonate real gold. Therefore, the identification of gold jewelry must be comprehensively determined according to the sample to determine the true and false and the quality of the real.

    The accurate identification of gold jewelry in accurate commonly used common methods.

    (1) Testing gold stone method: Select the black test gold stone with delicate texture, use the standard tasting films with different gold content (on the gold medal) on the test gold stone, and then put the gold jewelry sample you want to identify in The scratches on the same goldstone, drip the concentrated nitric acid to remove the impurities, and find the traces left on the test gold stones compared with the traces of the tested slices. The accurate gold content of gold jewelry samples to be determined.

    (2) Chemical method: also known as reagent test method. Gold is insoluble in separate nitric acid, sulfuric acid, and hydrochloric acid, and silver and copper ingredients can be dissolved with nitric acid. Take gold decorative sample. Putting nitric acid on a certain part, if gold will not change color, if it is silver products, it will generate silver oxide and turn black; For gold jewelry with a gold content of more than 95 %, test with nitric acid, the surface changes very small.

    2009 China's gold jewelry first 11 brands

    1. Lao Fengxiang gold jewelry
    2. Zhou Dafu gold jewelry
    3. Gold jewelry
    5. Bai Tai gold jewelry
    6. Longjin gold jewelry
    7. n10. Ming brand gold jewelry
    11. Golden Phoenix gold jewelry

    The Zhou Shengsheng Zhejiang Jewelry, etc.

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    Each relevant unit:

    In order to regulate the Chinese gold jewelry market, correctly guide and support enterprises to create famous brands, establish a national brand among the public The popularity, integrity and reputation have enabled the healthy growth, continuous development and growth of China's gold jewelry brands, and improving its domestic and international competitiveness. The 12 gold jewelry brands of gold jewelry companies are "Chinese gold jewelry well -known brands" (sorting is not the same).

    This companies who have obtained Chinese gold jewelry brand cherish honor, make persistent efforts, honest services, healthy development, provide consumers with national brand jewelry boutiques, and make greater contributions to the development and growth of China's gold jewelry industry Essence

    The well -known international brands are:
    folli follie
    artini (Yaitianni)
    Chanel n Cartier

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