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  1. I used to think that the price of gold recovery was similar to the price of the brand stores. Later, I learned that the brand store itself did not have gold itself. It was only through gold processing and sales. It earned a market price of more than 60-100 than the market price.
    Min, because of the capital turnover, I want to sell 2 kilograms of gold dowry, and I do n’t know the price of gold. I almost asked the city to do gold recovery. Attract customers, go to the dismissal, and deduct the depreciation of the deduction.
    The tell you that the small recycling stores of the individual households are unreliable. The company that finds a professional as a precious metal is reliable. I used to sell it to a family called "Quan Jinxing". How much can you get!
    The following is a must -see knowledge for gold recycling. I hope to help the landlord
    Gold recycling is different from the recovery of general items. Whether it is the weight of weight, the determination of the price or the price determination, it will form a unique recycling system Essence Because the gold recovery is re -used after recycling, it is also said that recycling gold is regardless of the brand. The main price factor for recycling is
    It opened Baidu's "Gold Recycling" in Baidu "Gold Recycling". Advertising, only the dazzling people are dazzling, maybe people may do this. If they do n’t experience it, they do n’t understand. Many customers are sold out by false prices. It is not until the second time that we sell our integrity quotes! Don't believe in those recycled shops, you must believe in large precious metal companies!
    In view of the current society, people will not be very trustworthy, not to mention that it is not more careful with benefits.
    The people have embarked on the way to attract customers to attract customers in violation of high prices of moral false puppets. After meeting, how much can be pitted? This makes many customers in need not get the most authentic service. It also allows those businesses who really serve the society and customers to get the most reasonable profits!
    The price of gold has international gold prices, and has a leverage measured internationally, not a certain country, nor is it made by a certain brand. Therefore, whether the gold price is uniform on the day of the world, the difference is that the added value of each brand when buying the difference in the premium and the difference between the labor expenses of each brand!
    Copic cheating means! Don't look at the regret! Have been deceived!
    1. Eight two scales: You 10 grams of gold jewelry, 8 grams of them, black heart! This is a scam!
    2. There is wear: Your jewelry has been band for too long, and the wear is powerful, so it will be 2 grams less! This is a scam!
    3. Dentage impurities: Your jewelry purity problem, there are other metals, you need to deduct 20 yuan per gram! This is a scam!
    4. Fee fee: Your jewelry has no invoice, it is troublesome to collect it, you need to charge 200 yuan handling fee! This is a scam!
    5, Wang Shui stealing gold: Is there an invoice? Do you know that you will not be deceived? Wrong! Wang Shui stole gold, 80%of the recycling stores are doing it!
    The price of gold contains: Gold raw material price (equivalent to international gold price) packaging fee processing fee gold shop profit (including rent, labor, brand, taxes and other expenses) cannot be recovered when recycling!
    The value of the recovery price is only the value of gold itself, that is, the raw material price, which can also be called the international gold price, and the international gold price is changing every day. Therefore, the gold recovery price also changes with the fluctuation of international gold prices!

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