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  1. 1. Prepare a square of square flower paper.
    2, the pattern is out of the diagonal folding the four corners.
    3, leave one corner, and open the other three corners.
    4. In this corner, the top of the diagonal is fitted to the line disassembly position at this angle and folded out a new line.
    5. Use the same method to fold all the angles and open all the creases as follows.
    6, take the side of the two neighboring corners, fold into a triangle.

    7, the same method, other angles are also folded in.
    8, take one of the corners and fold the side line to the right.
    9, the remaining angles also folded the corner by the same method.
    10, press the border along the folding triangle.
    11, the pressed triangle and the side are pressed together.
    12, after the last corner is inserted, a closed gift box is made.

  2. The folding method of the gift box:
    The tool/raw material
    two pieces of paper, the paper is larger. The edge length ratio is 3/4

    1. Fold the box. A square paper, fold.
    2. Four corners to the middle point.
    3. Fold on the four sides at 1/3.
    4. Open the left and right sides, and the upper and lower sides stand at 1/3.
    5. The right side is also established at 1/3.
    7. The left side is folded, and the box is ready.
    8. Do Gaier, the first two steps are the same.
    9. Put the box in the middle.
    10. Fold the four sides according to the box.
    11. Repeat 4-7 steps.
    12. The box cover is completed.

    The paper when making a lid

  3. Prepare 8 pieces of double -colored flower paper, which is not the same, and 4 colors are also available, and they like it. A box is needed up and down. Fold it like this. The color folded three corners outside. Open a corner, fold the remaining corner, reach the parallel edge of the upper corner, and turn it up after turning. Just like this. Open the folded edge and fold it. The sharp corner facing the right, folded a corner. Turn around and fold one corner. Finally, the 8 folded 8 are inserted together. A box of lids or bottoms is folded. Fold one more to build a complete box!

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