How to pay attention to the problems such as the diamond ring and the diamond ring modification of the diamond ring in Shenzhen?

Where can I change the diamond ring circle in Shenzhen Futian

1 thought on “How to pay attention to the problems such as the diamond ring and the diamond ring modification of the diamond ring in Shenzhen?”

  1. The ring can be changed in a place where you can believe it, such as where you buy a ring, or a well -known ring brand store, etc. In addition, you can see the diamond logo and 4C certificate before changing the circle. a bit.
    The size of the ring is large:
    1, the tangled line
    diamond ring is only suitable for the circular number about half of the number. This is just a temporary method, which will affect the overall style of the ring, and the long -term plan is changed.
    2, remodeling
    This is a method commonly used in diamond ring and various gem rings. Some jewelry shop salesperson talks about ten precepts and nine reforms. Although it is a bit exaggerated, it is indeed a normal processing method. Generally, it is directly reduced to the part, and the welding can be re -welded, which will cause a certain amount of losses and have no effect on the wearing of the ring.
    The size of the ring is small:
    This size is too small, long -term squeezing fingers, prone to poor finger blood, and the damage of the opponent's finger is large. Therefore solve.
    1, beat the long ring
    The is not too small for the circle number. You can use the method of direct ruming and precepts to reduce the thickness of the arms and increase the ring number. There is no loss to the golden weight. It does not affect normal wear.
    2, add gold to increase the circle number
    mainly is a diamond ring that has just been purchased. The price of diamonds and styles is in the same phase, but the circle number is small and five circle numbers. Number, to achieve overall coordination, does not affect the purpose of wearing.
    Which diamond ring styles cannot be changed?
    not any style of diamond ring can be changed. For example, some rings inlaid with broken diamonds on the arms are not recommended to change the circle, because it may affect the firmness of the diamond For this style of diamond ring, you can choose to change the model, remove the diamonds on the existing diamond ring, and inlay it on another rotor of another size.

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