What are the cartoons that must be watched when I was a kid?

Our childhood has toys and radios, cartoons and ice watermelons. Watching cartoons at home from school has become a habit. Do you remember the cartoon that brought you happiness to you in childhood?

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  1. The TV animation "Pokemon" (ポケモ ン) is adapted from the Elf Pokemon series games. It is directed by Tangshan Bonyan, screenwriters such as Yao Tian Yingshu, Bridge Shiji, etc., and the TV animation series of dubbing of Matsumoto Ryoka, Okuyujiang and other dubbing.

    The Japanese version of the animation can be divided into seven in the order of the game according to the original version of the game: "Elf Pokémon: None Print", "Elf Pokémon: Super Generation", "Elf Bao" Meeting: Diamonds and Pearls "," Pokemon: Super Wishes "," Pokemon XY "and" Pokemon: Sun

  2. As a post -80s who love to watch cartoons, there are really too many cartoons. Probably the boutique, all abroad.

    "Haier Brothers", each episode allows me to understand a knowledge, for example, the sea water will retreat before the tsunami comes.

    "Gourd Brothers" and "Gourd Little King Kong". The two pictures are good screenwriting, the plot is ups and downs, and the ending is complete.

    "Black Cat Sheriff", only 4 episodes were broadcast in total, but one episode and one story, including cats and mice, monkey eagles, mantis and so on. This cartoon will not end at the most critical moment, which is good.

    "Demon Warrior", I do n’t know if you still remember, that is, the story of the weapon called the weapon called "Star Iron" ~

    "The Warrior of Justice", the three heroes, shouted "invincible power".

    "God of War King Kong" and "Six Gods" are the same type, which is also better.

    "Super Warriors", "Captain Blint, Transformed!", I personally think that there is no one of the most beautiful cartoons from the screen, the plot, and the design. Essence

    has many and many, not listed one by one ~ At that time, the cartoons were really good -looking, unfortunately, now children can only look at "Bear". Watch our cartoon when we were young, and see what is really cartoons!

  3. 1. The first part of childhood, decisive "Cat and Mouse", now occasionally played. Essence

    2, Xiaoyu looking for a mother, it's too long, it's not easy to find. Essence

    3, black cat sheriff

    5. Transformers.

    This Six Gods Light Energy Messenger
    Pet Elf,

    Lion King
    Big head son, little head dad
    Mei Ai Militan n Slam Dunk Master
    Domestic Movie Classics "
    Football teenagers
    Teon arms A Tongmu
    M mouse and Donald duck

    The animation is too much, so I won't get in the car. Essence

  4. Cosmic Knight

    I I and my friends did not call him the Cosmic Cavaliers. And some villain's mech transformation is quite creative, anyway, when I was a kid, I loved to watch the animation. At that time, I didn't know how big the universe was. In several battles in the field of space, when the protagonist was hit on the last planet, he always thought it was the bottom of the universe ... n

    mpery bird Udd

    A woodpecker who likes to mess up pranks. At the same time In animal cartoons, his appearance rate should be the highest. When I was a kid, I watched his cartoons the most happy, and the magical laughter. I couldn't forget it in my life. I believe that many people who have come here after 80 years later have heard Udna's magical laughter.


    In the previous impression is deep, when playing with role -playing with childhood friends, stone scissors to determine who to determine who to determine Playing Zoro. Dig two holes in the red scarf, take a straw hat, pick it up at home and wash the fertilizer bag as a cloak, chop with bamboo as a sword, and jump out to draw a large z -character ..............


    Disney's more classic anime works, Vini likes honey tanks. When I was a kid, I often stayed in front of the TV that made people look forward to anime.

  5. Although it was a long time ago in elementary school, the cartoons I watched after school were still deep in memory.
    Open Baidu APP and see more pictures
    "Machine Cat"
    We at that time, we can't see Doraemon, all called machine cats or Ding Dang cats, hundreds of episodes, it is said that there are some, there are said that there are some. Episode 749. Each episode is difficult or troublesome in Nobita. The machine cat takes out the same magic weapon from its pocket. Later, a series of Oolong

    "Saint Seiya"
    . More than a hundred episodes. Several Saint Seiya began to advance to the monster in order to protect Athena.

    "Smart Agle"
    "Drop, Drop ... We Love You", when you hear this song, you will think of the little monk for a break, cute and smart. There are more than two hundred episodes, and I have never seen the end. There are two characters, small leaves and Xiyouweimen, adding a lot of happiness to us.
    "Cat and Mouse"
    American cartoons, many episodes, I only know that the cat has always wanted to catch the mouse. The story of this stupid cat and psychic rat will be played.

    "Beautiful Lady"
    The start to know how Moon Rabbit has gained magic and become a sailor moon in love and justice.
    "Hark Wandering"
    The protagonist of the story is a black man and a white child.
    The more, such as "Cherry Maruko", "Magic Sakura", and so on.

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